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Article: We stand with #BlackLivesMatter

We stand with #BlackLivesMatter

We stand with #BlackLivesMatter

Black Lives Matter

Being a parent is the most important job we have. As we watch our little ones grow, it is always important to remember that as parents we must grow as well.  Every parents' goal is to create a loving and safe environment but it is also our duty as citizens to educate our children about diversity and race as well as the injustices they and their peers can and will face in the future.

Today and everyday, we fight for the #BlackLivesMatter Movement. We acknowledge and stand against the injustices caused by the police and the systems that perpetually oppress the communities of color in this country. We stand against the normalization that justice can not be brought to the families that have lost their loved ones. We listen to the narratives that have been silenced by these establishments. We reflect on the roles we as individuals play in our society and the power we hold to promote change. We learn, we UN-learn and we RE-learn in order to break the stigma and stigmas generated by systemic racism. We vow to continuously educate ourselves and our loved ones and to question the norms that have socialized us to accept white supremacy and the tremendous harm it causes.

We march alongside our black community members, joining the fight for racial equity and equality. Racial profiling, institutionalized racism, police brutality and hate crimes are founding principles of the insidious disease we call racism. Racialization has divided our country and here, at 7AM, we discussed the conceptual notions that let us know and oppressing African Americans. Nothing can ever justify the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Sean Reed, Ahmaud Arbery and many more. #AllBlackLivesMatter

In solidarity,

The 7AM Team 

PS. Photo creds to our lovely Annie @jonahtunde.levitayo - thank you for sharing them with us, we love you guys!


Below are the organizations we are highlighting and donating to this week. Let's band together now to give a better future to our children.

Black Lives Matter NY

Black Lives Matter Chicago

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

George Floyd Memorial Fund

I Run with Maud: Ahmaud Arbery Memorial Fund

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